Desperate for Help

We’’ve just had a serious health diagnosis in our family and I’ve found myself once again a stranger in a strange land.  Like the worried parents with whom I speak everyday,  I’’ve been thrust into a world of confusion.  It’s similar to those times eighteen years ago when we were deeply worried about our  son’’s struggles.  We did not know where to turn.

Yesterday after returning from the doctor’s office,  I turned to Google.  I was desperate to learn about the disease and its treatment.  What could we do before things get worse?  How could we avoid mistakes that can’t be rectified.  We didn’t want the horse to get out of the barn.  We wanted to turn over every stone.  We needed a sound plan.

I found pages and pages of information on the Internet.  How could I separate marketing and pie-in-the-sky hope from sound and applicable information?  We needed expert medical advice to walk us through the options.

Suddenly, our crisis has brought me closer to the parents with whom I talk everyday.  I have a raw and fresh understanding of their fears.  Our paths are different and our fears are different, but the steps in the process of finding solutions are similar.   We need unbiased expert medical advice.  Parents considering residential treatment for their children need unbiased expert advice on therapeutic schools and treatment centers.

I am going to try to help.  In that vein, I plan to make regular additions to this blog.  The additions will include comments and observations on developments in the treatment and guidance of struggling children, adolescents, and young adults.

I hope you’ll feel I’’m by your side.


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